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Tree Surgeon Sunderland: Professional Care for Your Trees

We provide a tree surgeon services in Sunderland for domestic and commercial clients. From cutting down trees (tree removal) and stump removals (also known as “stump grinding”), to pruning, shaping and thinning.

Our Arborists know their stuff! We work hard to give you the best tree advice, from free consultations to detailed tree surveys. We will help you figure out exactly what you need, and then get the job done. We pride ourselves in delivering professional tree care and hedge care that will allow your green spaces to represent Sunderland with class. 

We like to keep things simple. You will get free, easy-to-understand advice taking the unique trees and greenery of Wearside into consideration. Our friendly tree team is all about getting the tree work done quickly and leaving a tidy space after we left. We care about your garden, your trees, and making sure you’re happy. 

For a free quote on our tree services, just fill out our contact form or call us at 0191 6660605. We’re here to help every day from 8 am to 9 pm.

Sunderland Tree Surgery (Domestic & Commercial )

We provide top-notch tree services for both business and home needs – that’s our specialty in commercial & domestic tree care.

Weather its long term tree maintenance or a one stump removal, We are ready to handle your tree surgery needs anywhere in Sunderland.

Got a tricky spot where you need a tree taken out? No problem! Whether it’s close to buildings or in busy areas like streets and footpaths, we handle it all safely and smartly. We’re pros at working in tight spaces without causing any fuss.

Tree surgeon conducting tree surgery in Sunderland forest.
A stump grinder machine poised to remove a tree stump.

Sunderland Stump Grinding

When you cut down a tree, you might wonder what to do with the leftover stump. Here’s why Ace Tree Surgeon Sunderland’s stump grinding / removal service is handy:

Space for New Things: Tree stumps can get in the way if you’re planning to build something like a shed, a driveway, or even add to your house. Removing the stump means more room for your new projects and stops any new tree growth that could cause problems.

Better Looking Gardens: Stumps can be a bit of an eyesore in your garden. They stick out more when they start growing little shoots. Getting rid of them makes your space look nicer.

We’ll check where your stump, any trees, plant buildings or structures potentially impacted and then figure out the best way to remove it.

Sunderland Hedge Trimming

We’re experts in the art of hedge trimming, cutting back branches, and pruning. We’re really good at these jobs and love doing them.

Our trimming services exted to managing trees too. For example our “Crown Lift” service involves carefully removing lower branches from a tree to raise its crown. This technique not only enhances the tree’s appearance but also improves clearance beneath it, making spaces more accessible and increasing light penetration to the areas below. 

From Tree Pollarding, to Hedge Sculpting our skilled team ensures expert execution with an emphasis on providing the utmost care to maintain the tree’s health and stability, aligning with the best practices in arboriculture.

Gardener using a hedge trimmer to shape a lush green hedge.
Arborist conducting a tree survey in a lush forest, using a tablet.

Sunderland Tree Survey Service

Tree surveys are recommended whenever considering major tree felling in Sunderland.

Our surveys can be necessary in various situations such as property development, buying land, and assessing environmental impacts. They play a crucial role in urban planning, ensuring that trees are maintained properly and do not pose risks to people or buildings.

Sunderland City Council regulations may mandate a tree survey, particularly when altering landscapes or within conservation areas. These surveys are vital for highlighting potential hazards like unstable trees prone to falling in storms, and for detecting diseases or pests that could spread to nearby vegetation.

Tree Surgery Footage

The Benefits of a Tree Crown Lift In Sunderland

Before and After image of a tree crown lift, showing the tree's lower branches removed for increased canopy height.
A Tree Crown Lift in Sunderland can significantly enhance your property’s visual and functional aspects. By removing lower branches, it raises the canopy, allowing more natural light and air flow beneath the tree, creating a brighter, more open space. This procedure can prevent branches from obstructing structures or views, and it can also help in reducing the risk of tree-related damage during high winds by streamlining the tree’s profile. Additionally, crown lifting can contribute to the health of the tree by removing potentially diseased or damaged limbs, promoting better growth and vigor.

Do You Just Need Some Tree Advice?

We provide top-notch tree services for both business and home needs – treating both our commercial & domestic tree care clients with the same first class customer service.
Weather it’s long term tree maintenance or a one stump removal, We are ready to handle your tree surgery needs anywhere in Sunderland.
Got a tricky spot where you need a tree taken out? No problem! Whether it’s close to buildings or in busy areas like streets and footpaths, we handle it all safely and smartly. We’re pros at working in tight spaces while causing minimal fuss if any!

Providing Tree Surgery Throughout Sunderland

Ace Tree Surgery Sunderland offers comprehensive tree surgery services across the entire City of Sunderland. With expertise in tree health and safety, our skilled arborists provide top-notch care, including tree felling, pruning, and health assessments, catering to both residential and commercial clients with dedication and professionalism.

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For urgent tree emergencies, including storm damage and fallen trees, we offer 24/7 availability. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in your time of need at: 0191 6660605

Tree Work Safety

We rigorously adhere to stringent safety protocols, ensuring every tree service is conducted with the utmost care for both clients and staff.

Boosting Aesthetics and Safety with Professional Tree Surgery

Professional tree surgery is more than a service; it’s an art form that combines aesthetics and safety, and at Ace Tree Surgeon Sunderland, we’re masters of this craft. Our skilled arborists meticulously sculpt each tree, enhancing the visual appeal of your garden while eliminating potential risks. By expertly managing overgrowth and tackling weak structures, we elevate the natural beauty of your outdoor spaces. Our commitment to safety ensures every procedure is performed meticulously, safeguarding your property and our professionals. Trust in our expertise to transform and maintain the splendor and safety of Sunderland’s treasured green spaces.

Boosting Aesthetics and Safety with Professional Tree Care

We are your partner in crafting a garden that radiates beauty throughout the year. We understand Sunderland’s unique climate and tailor our services to prepare your garden for each season’s demands. From strategic pruning in winter to essential maintenance in the lush summer, we ensure your trees and plants remain healthy and vibrant. Our proactive approach to garden care includes preparing soil, selecting the right foliage for the region, and providing ongoing maintenance advice, so your green space remains a stunning retreat no matter the season. Let us help you cultivate a garden that’s a year-round haven.
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